Does Carbon Dye Help a Laser Remove Hair?

12 Oct We recently interviewed a well educated, fully certified, highly trained, and extensively experienced esthetician. Her experience included several years at a major national laser hair removal franchise. We were shocked to discover that in all those years of education, training, and experience, she had never been told about using atomized carbon as a photodynamic agent to enhance the effectiveness of laser and intense pulsed light hair removal treatments. Photon therapy works by raising the temperature of the tissues which support the viability of hair growth to the point that they are traumatized and effectively neutralized. Even dark hair is a poor conductor of photon energy, so even if the treatment area is shaved prior to application, only about 55% of the energy that strikes the surface of the skin makes it to the follicle. Blonde and grey hair are such poor energy conduits that many practitioners and equipment manufacturers simply say ‘don’t even try’. So could the apparent absence of training on this important topic be because it just doesn’t work? The fact that we have so many regular customers who use it says otherwise, but so do independent clinical studies. For example, a short term study showing the results of a single treatment after one month, comparing the hair regrowth after treatment by a laser with no hair removal prior, with waxing prior, and with waxing plus carbon dye shows that the treatment is TWICE as effective if the treatment area is
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